Caregiving and Alexa

This blog details the journey of how caregivers are using Alexa to make their lives easier.

What is Alexa for Caregivers?

What is Alexa?

Early in 2018 we will have a video link of a demonstration that we gave in a physical classroom. Until then, here is a brief demonstration of some of the features:


Based on that brief demonstration, some people think Alexa is:

Concepts of Alexa
Artificial Intelligence A Girl A Fairy
Artificial Intelligence Computer Floating in Space A girl writing formulas on a board A Fairy in the woods
A Side Kick A Genie A Helper
A faithful dog A genie with a lamp a young boy helping his dad with construction

We'll revisit this later. We want your input. Getting a solid mental model of Alexa as it relates to caregiving will go far. Feel free to write what you think Alexa is in the comments.