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Do you feel overwhelmed?

Losing your cool?

Forgetting that your loved one can't remember?

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On the Web and Android. The app that helps you build patience, perseverance, and peace.

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The Song

The lynchpin of the app. Listen to it every day to relax, refocus, and regroup to build patience, perserverance, and peace.


A list of things to do with your loved one whenever you need it most.


The "why" to act and react in a certain manner. Helps with understanding.

Pep Talks

When you need a "pick me up" and to know that you aren't alone.

Help Us

Where you can submit your ideas and feedback.


Where you can help out so we can continue to offer the free app and add new features.






To see an interview with Debby Segil on the creation of the app, watch below. Courtesy of MHTV.

Caregivers App from MHTV - Marblehead TV on Vimeo.

This program was produced through the Community television facilities of MHTV, Marblehead, MA


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