Caregiving and Alexa

This blog details the journey of how caregivers are using Alexa to make their lives easier.

The "Alexians" Powerpoint

We have done a series of stand-up trainings for Alexa and Caregivers. Attached is a Powerpoint .PDF of the beginner Alexa training. When we give the stand-up training, the detailed setup instructions are not included in the talk, but they are given out in a handout.

If anyone has trouble setting up the machine, they ask us for help.

We are trying to upload some clips from the stand-up training.

In the presentation, I ask the attendees to come up with a statement about what Alexa can mean for a caregiver. An attendee of the training and a long-time caregiver, Nancy Diaz, came up with the following:

In her infancy, Amazon Echo, is a tool necessary to help in the life of a caregiver.  She is a hands-free device that provides help in emergency and non-emergency situations.  She is designed to entertain, teach, and most importantly help in times of stress.  She has home safety capability, such as automatically turning on lights during sundowning and intercom for use in larger homes.  The user can check new “skills” as they come out and create their own depending on need.  Her potential is great, her knowledge growing, and so easy to use.

Nancy R.S. Diaz