Tips, Activities, and Pep Talks on Dementia

2 Pep Talks on how to "take care of yourself first."

36 Activities and 26 Tips in the following categories:

  • "On the go" -- dementia activities and tips when you are out and about with your loved one. Some require preplanning, and some don't require anything. Stuck someplace, look up something quick!
  • Self Care -- activities and tips that help you take care of you when you are caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's.
  • Craft -- want your loved one with dementia to be able to make something that is appropriate? These activities and tips help you do that. Activities include a felt matching game, building a bird feeder and more.
  • Games -- some games with varying skill levels that you both can play.
  • Practical -- help build and retain practical skills that makes your loved one with dementia feel useful, like matching silverware.
  • Relaxation --  how you both can spend time together having fun.
  • Sundowning -- when the sun goes down, agitation in the person experiencing dementia usually goes up. These activities and tips help with that transition.


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