Build Your Own Dementia Toolkit

GLSS's choices for products.

GLSS has created a Caregiver Toolkit that supports enhancing the lives of someone with dementia and their caregivers using items selected from evidence-based research.  These items can all be found online and were purchased through We have included the item list and a description of their benefit if you would like to replicate the kit.  This list can also be used as suggestions on obtaining items of your choice that may also satisfy these areas or meet a personal budget.

  • Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey.  This book offers emotional support to the caregiver by shifting the focus from fear and loss to peace and hope.  It reminds the reader that although the person they care for may have changed a bit, they are still very much a person of value that should be seen and celebrated.  The book also offers suggestions on meaningful activities that help restore a sense of purpose in individuals living with dementia. 
  • The Original Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock.  This large digital clock clearly states the time, date, day, year and AM or PM.  It intentionally does not have any abbreviations and is glare free and high resolution for easy viewing.  The clock also can be set to eight different languages and military time if desired. Since memory loss disorients people to time and place, a person living with dementia needs to have access to this information to feel safe and secure. Professionals in the field stress the importance of habilitation therapy which focuses on altering or simplifying the environment to assist individuals with dementia to maintain independence.  This device is designed with that belief in mind to encourage a person's individual ability to have success navigating their environment.  It also assists the caregiver in the reduction of repetitive questioning about time and date.\
  • Easy Grip Flatware Set.  This three piece set includes a fork, knife and spoon designed with a larger grip that is easier to manipulate for someone who is having difficulty with fine motor activities.  The ability to feed oneself is one of the most vital and basic activities of daily living.  Keeping this utility intact is crucial to contributing to overall feelings of functionality and purpose.
  • Adult Coloring Books.  An adult coloring book equipped with coloring pencils will be provided in the toolkit as a package set. \nArt Therapy has been widely studied and research suggests that the expression of art promotes relaxation and improved mood.  The Alzheimer's Foundation of America affirms that art making can excite the imagination in people with dementia, an area of the brain that stays intact late into the progressive disease.  Exploring means of relaxation, self-reflection and creativity can foster feelings of self-worth and dignity.